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Kanye West has cemented his place in this world as a prime entertainer and spectacular artist for ever-ever in my opinion. He put out an over 30  minutes long music video slash short film, called Runaway. I love every single thing about it: the stunning visuals, the beautiful story and the soulful music. See you must:

Or watch, as long as it lasts, a version with better quality at this website.


Born and raised in the city of Bologna, 26 year old dj and producer I Never Dance, finally delivers his first EP to Instant Replay. Known in the industry for his outstanding work as right hand and engineer to well known producer Graziano Ravenna, he has made his mark on the international producers scene. But always in the background. Now that he moved to Western Europe to pursue his solo-career, his technical skills come in handy for his big-room sound. Tweaked to perfection with one thing in mind; the dancefloor. Raise your hands from Riccione to Ibiza, from L.A. to Tokyo, here’s I Never Dance. And he won’t go away anytime soon.

In reality: a collaboration between Dutch house and hip-hop dj/producer Tom Trago and Piet Parra, known from the electronic trio Le Le.

This song will demolish clubs: Tank.

Amsterdam based electro funk artist Seymour Bits has released his self-titled sophomore album last friday on his own label Magnetron Music.

The best song: Style.

Also, check out this video for the first single:

Seymour Bits – This Is The Place To Be from magnetron music on Vimeo.